Science, Society and Emerging Technologies Vol.1 No.1

Organizador: Higor Brito

ISBN: 978-65-5381-105-8

DOI: 10.51859/amplla.sset.1123-0

Ano da publicação: 2023

“Science, Society and Emerging Technologies” is a compelling compilation of diverse chapters that explores the dynamic interplay between science, society, and emerging technologies. This book brings together a range of research and insights to foster a deeper understanding of the impact and implications of these fields. Each chapter presents readers with empirical evidence, thoughtprovoking analysis, and innovative perspectives. The authors challenge existing assumptions and explore potential solutions and advancements in their respective fields of study. Through the diverse range of topics this book covers, readers are invited to engage in critical discourse and explore the multifaceted nature of science and technology’s impact on society. The authors’ research, analysis, and insights contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding emerging technologies and their profound influence on our lives.